Folks who aren’t fans of the Dubs or Celtics, which team do you want to win the finals and why?

The amount of hate they have for Lebron makes it even more annoying imo. Like the guy made you guys constantly in the finals, won 2 finals MVP and 2 mvps , being in the running for MVP the other years. But no, because he watched football while pat Riley was talking they now hate him, I’m fairly sure they aren’t the same heat fans that were rooting or watching Lebron then. Even if Lebron didn’t carry like expected , 18-8-8 on good efficiency and defence is still winnable if everyone else did their job but that roster was poorly constructed. Then 2013 he brought them back from the dead in g6 4th quarter and g7 carry job. It’s not on Lebron that Wade had one good year and Bosh ( a post up big) is never gonna be that great when there’s Lebron ball ( a far superior offence then posting Bosh up) available. I don’t get how a franchise can hate a player that gave them huge success and great wins for 4 years. As well as took the brunt of all the hate. I can’t think of any other player who did what Lebron did in Miami and isn’t loved by that fanbase.

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