Folks whose long term relationships/marriages ended, what surprised you the most about suddenly navigating life as a single person again?

He took the news badly enough that I used a police escort to leave the house. Anyway. My initial experiences:

I wouldn't tell him my location (which he eventually did learn through stalking...) It was blissful to exist in peace in a place I was guaranteed to not see him. I hadn't realized just how anxious and on guard I felt around him. I felt light and airy instead!

When he reached out to me by phone, seeing "new text from Ex" or "Ex calling" pop up on my screen made me feel sick to my stomach with dread but also... Like this primal reaction of NO!!!

I didn't miss him. After the initial nightmare of his stalking and the divorce proceedings, I realized I barely ever even think about him at all.

We complemented each other's strengths and weaknesses and it sucked to not have that anymore. I had to take care of things I hadn't prior. I had to worry about being taken advantage of like when I had to take my car to a mechanic.

He knew random bits about me like I prefer something cooked a certain way or what have you. That was cool.

It was difficult starting over with a new person and having a completely different relationship dynamic.

Married men started circling me like sharks. I was propositioned SO MUCH. That was very eye-opening and disappointing. And gross.

It felt juvenile saying "my boyfriend". Also, I liked the commitment of marriage and I didn't miss those dating worries like does he want to be with me? Will this develop into something serious? Is such and such a red flag? Do I view this person as marriage material? And wait... Actually, do I even want to be married again?

I relish having space to myself... I decide everything. It gets lonely sometimes, yes. Being married (or co-habitating) is a nice foundation.

It's daunting that everything rests on me. Though, the ex burned through money. I earn so much less but I actually have a savings account now.

I lost my entire social circle. So did he. They just kinda faded us out. Divorcing couples are bad luck, I guess.

TLDR: Don't settle someone who isn't right for you because it is a colossal waste of your precious time and well-being.

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