Former Scientologist harassed by three of Scientology's top management personnel in an airport.

Hmm... Well...

If your comment above is making the point that ALL religions have members who pervert and negate the very foundation of religious spirituality, then I fully agree!

Very depressingly, people like these 3 individuals (and many others like them, within ALL religions) all too often engage in acts of bullying, exploitation, barbarism, oppression, and other depressing acts of hostility and violence, which is the precise opposite of love/peace.

But... I think if you dig deeper, you may find great elements of wisdom in many of the worlds religions, such as:


Great philosophical and enlightening ideas within Buddhism


Aboriginal religions (with often hold a great and profound respect, towards the animal they have just killed on the hunt, thanking the spirit of that animal for nourishing them in elaborate ceremonies, which contrasts sharply to how we treat our food-consumption animals).


Also, many of the greatest works of poetry/art in the romantic movement, were also based/inspired upon higher elements of Christianity (which unfortunately very few Christians actually follow). Similarly, I've noticed many spiritual Christians who go to great lengths trying to help the homeless, and make their lives just a bit better (without trying to annoyingly "preach" and "convert" them).

So... on the one hand, I guess I wouldn't exactly lump all elements, of all world religions together, and say the actions of these 3 people sum it all up.

But... your point is well taken: all too often there are members of a religion, which are evil incarnate, while the good people in that religion stand by and do nothing to help protect the innocent.

As for Scientology, I have yet to see any of it's members, or teachings convey anything that I find remotely spiritual or inspiring... So I tend to view it as a "cult" rather than a "religion".

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