Found out bf has a lot of debt

Well it's not that I'm worried the debt collectors will come to me for money. But off course my TV is here and some other expensive stuff, but I don't have the receipt anymore cause I've had those things for a long while so I can't prove they are mine and not his if they would come and collect stuff. And I feel I will lose a lot more money if he doesn't have money to pay for stuff and I end up paying for everything because I live here too. A big part of me moving here away from my sister was because I was always living on my own and didn't want to be dependant on my sister anymore. (although we get a long just fine). Me want ing to be in my own household again seriously backfired now... He is 36 and I am 28 BTW, so I guess if you didn't learn by now you probably never will. Even though I lived alone from a young age I had it done that way that my monthly bills would just be payed automatically so I wouldn't have to worry about it. So if I could do it at such a young age (22) I don't get why someone much older can't do it?

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