How do you casually date without getting emotionally attached?

Honestly, I just don't like that many people enough for it to be an issue. I'm picky, but I think that's a good thing when dating. I've only met one person I enjoy being around 24/7. Most people I don't like enough to date. A small number of people I like enough to see where it's going, then I recognize I'm not into it long-term. A smaller number of people I am into but they're not. Three people it's been mutual enough to have a serious thing with. Two of those I soured on within 1-2 years.

So I think it's about recognizing incompatibilities, recognizing when people aren't putting in the effort, and for those things to be an instant turn-off to you. I wouldn't seriously date anyone who wasn't crazy about me. Honestly it even kind of irritates me when casual flings are flaky--I stop texting back when they can't decide on a time and place, or can't reply within a reasonable time frame.

People who get really attached really easily I think are looking for A Relationship, not a person they really like. Once you know how to be happy on your own and you're not scared of it, it's easy to see who's being genuine about what they want and who's not.

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