FR: Calling a woman’s bluff can be better than sex

I didn't necessarily want to respond to my own post, but a lot of people don't seem to get it.

First, I'm astounded at how polarizing this story was. Half the commenters want to high-five me, the other half want to call me a pussy beta.

That latter group keeps saying that I squandered my "investment", as in I invested my time with this gal, then failed to cash out. For one thing, I don't think of our time in the bar as an investment, because it's childish to expect a payoff. This isn't the first time I've been LMRed, although it was the first time in a good while. I've been around long enough to know that these situations can blow up for no clear (to me) reason. In fact, the ability to make such situations blow up is the one last trump card women always have. She and I were in a situation where I was horny; she was horny; and we had the motive, means and opportunity to get it on. Logically (there's that word again) speaking, there was no reason for us not to have sex.

Except that she always retains the power to say no, and she felt the need to remind me of that. At an extremely inopportune time. Well, good for her. She wanted to show me who was boss - who holds the power of the pussy - and I was maliciously obedient.

My idea wasn't to teach her a lesson, although she probably learned one inadvertently. The idea was to make the best use of my time. And I didn't want to spend the next couple of hours having sex with a woman who just had to insist on putting one last hoop in front of her pussy before setting it on fire and making me jump through it.

Again, the drink at the bar was not an "investment" in the sense that I was spending my time in order to earn some reward. I didn't know with absolute certainty where the night was going to end up. I mean,I had an idea, but that was all. I spent 2 hours with her at the bar because my options were a) Get dressed up and socialize one-on-one with a beautiful woman who's expressed an interest, or b) Sit in my room and watch SportsCenter. Easy choice.

And when it all went to hell, I wasn't angry nor frustrated. Disappointed, sure, but not in myself. I would have been if I had succumbed to her shit test.

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