What is the worst news you have ever gotten or had to give?

I worked ER registration for a while. I live in the USA. It's relevant.

When a doctor decided that someone was sick enough to admit to the hospital, but didn't have in-network insurance, I had to tell them that they had the choice to either be transported to another hospital, or risk their bills being denied by their insurance. It was awful, but also one of my favorite parts of the job -- it's a bad situation, and almost always had a bad reaction, but I felt like I could do something good by being honest and staying with them to answer questions and fears about the process.

Keep in mind that if a patient can't be safely transported, their insurance takes that into account. I had countless conversations with our doctors about that, depending on the situation.

Before I fully understood what I was doing, I'll never forget the complete fear and shame I felt when walking into a patient's room, with their family sitting around their bed, all looking at me, and saying, "I'm sorry to bother you, but we need to talk."

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