French woman vents her anger towards a German POW with a kick as he is escorted to a prisoner of war collection center by French soldiers, August 28 1944. [900x1100]

Please show me where these army bases that French people could just walk into and steal tanks were. If you seriously think some Frenchman should have just walked onto an army base, stolen a tank, and taken on the German army you know a lot less about military strategy then I thought.

I never claimed they should just walk in and steal tanks, although other resistance movements certainly did.

There were many supply depots that were left unguarded as the French (and British) retreated and surrendered. I have yet to read any examples of the French resistance taking a chance to loot these for arms or ammunition. Talk about a retarded military strategy, not taking arms and ammunition that is freely available seems to be one.

Secondly you seem to think that comparing resistance movements and claiming since one was more effective over the other that other one was a failure.

I never claimed one was a failure, care to quote where I said that?

Furthermore the French resistance was not irrelevant to the outcome of the war.

The outcome of the war was Germany losing. With or without the French resistance Germany was going to lose.

They provided vital information to enhance the effectiveness of the D-Day invasions.

Yes they helped the D-Day invasions, invasions that were going to happen regardless.

That point alone disproves your point as the information they provided WAS relevant to allied forces and thus relevant to the outcome of the war.

I never claimed the information was irrelevant, you seem to have trouble with reading comprehension. I did however claim that with or without it the war was going to end in Germany's defeat.

Yes Yugoslavia did in fact recapture their own country in 44' after the Germans started a tactical retreat and were pulling troops out to send to the western front.

They held the majority of the country before said retreats, as far back as mid '43. Hell even in '41 with the initial uprising they held a very large chunk of territory.

Secondly it's a lot easier to recapture your own country when you have an allied air force unit that was solely responsible for supplying ( RAF Balkan Air Force) them with arms and supplies.

Such support began in earnest in mid to late '43, they managed much without it. Certainly more than the French.

In what backwards world does attacking a superior enemy force qualify as cowardice?

Its cowardice when they are LITERALLY giving you and your family your lives and deciding to not destroy the city in which you fucking live. And as they leave you then decide to attack them. A literal stab in the back.

Over 30,000 French civilians were killed by the German army to intimidate other French people from joining the resistance.


That alone disproves your above point again.

No it doesn't. The Germans not ONCE transferred troops or addition intelligence agents to deal with the French resistance. NOT ONCE. Now let us compare that to the Poles, Russians, Yugoslavians, etc.

In referencing this point , when asked of the impact the resistance in France had on the outcome of the war, Albert Speer, Minister of Armaments and War for Germany, responded saying “What French resistance?” – clearly indicating that resistance in France was carried out by only a small portion of the population.

I challenge you to find a person who would know better what Germany thought of the resistance than Speer himself.

Furthermore the Vichy government created militia's who's sole job was to search out and kill resistance fighters.

Cool, but its irrelevant.

I suggest reading about Oradour-sur-Glane for a second before claiming Germany didn't care about the resistance.

A massacre of French as a reprisal doesn't disprove anything I have said.

Overall it's quite clear you have your own agenda here and won't be swayed by facts. I think it's sad that you clearly don't know what your talking about and rather then open your eyes to the whole story you'd rather just sit on your soap box and repeat the same facts over and over even after they have been disproved.

You have yet to provide any facts that actually disprove anything I have said.

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