Friday Hangout - November 23, 2018

Kind of kicking myself lately. I’ve being GASing so so hard for an OP-Z and was this || close to selling my Minilogue and Neutron to fund it but I didn’t and now I’m regretting it. But that’s not why I’m kicking myself. The reason is that it would leave me with a Digitakt, Digitone, OP-Z and iPad as my setup, and even though I’ve been in the synth game for years and know that the analog-digital debate doesn’t matter, the thought of not having an analog synth in my set up bugs me. But why? I really don’t know. Anyone else had or have an all digital setup that’s faced this hurdle?

I’m super into grooveboxes and that potential set up fills me with so much excitement. And based on the way I produce when I use them, I feel as though it’d put me in a much more productive headspace. I have no idea why this is such a hurdle for me despite FM and Wavetable being my favorite forms of synthesis. Anyone have any advice on this?

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