It's frustrating to remain the same weight week after week when you're trying to lose weight

I actually bought the book months ago. I hate reading though so I'm barely half way through. I gotta push through it though.

I exercise because I enjoy it though. I started exercising not to lose weight. I had to stop exercising due to an injury and when I came back to the exercise world I hired a trainer who could help me train around my injury (disability? what do you call a permanently injury) and he wanted me to use my fitness pal and that's what started this whole situation lol. I've ALWAYS had issues with disordered eating my entire life, but my trainer wanting me to lose weight and then me doing so rapidly (he didn't want me to do that, he gave me a reasonable deficit. like a couple hundred calories. but like I said I already struggled with disordered eating and restricting in my past so it brought that back to me) but then not wanting to gain it back put me in this shitty cycle of binging and undereating. And yes, I am miserable. But nothing is more miserable than not fitting my clothes or gaining weight. I've never been skinny. I've only had a normal bmi once in my life recently, last year, after I got my trainer but then I gained weight. I was there for like a week at 162lbs. But now that I'm into fitness again (but in a smaller body than before) it's annoying not looking the part or being told by so many fitness people that I'll never be able to do calisthenics unless I lose weight.

I also just don't really know if I believe the book completely for myself. I know that for other people it can be really helpful. But I find it hard to see myself and my situation within the book. I feel like I never had a food scarcity issue. Although, I did hear that you can interpret it as in dieting created that issue within your mind but I also used to be morbidly obese in middle school. I was always overweight growing up and always ate disordered. The issue was my disorder was eating too much. The disorder that no one cares about the one that people just call you a fat lazy glutton for having. The when were people tell you "just stop eating." I always knew that the way I ate was abnormal but no one could help me. I eventually went from morbidly obese to just overweight via extreme restriction. from 1200 to eventually 700 calories per day. And from then on extreme restriction has always been my method of weight loss. But eating high quantities of food never left me. Just changed. Not that you wanted an autobiography, but yeah... I just can't see myself being helped by the book.

Also what's the difference between an untracked day and a cheat day. I usually don't track my cheat days. I was supposed to have one this weekend but idk anymore since I overate tonight too.

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