Fuck em

It would seem that way seeing as to how it was causing quiet an uproar when people found out that trumps immigration policy would make it take a longer time to reduce whites to a minority but this is besides the point.

No that’s how the people in power have arranged for it to be, no one was asking to open up our borders before 1965.

Our culture is in the process of starting to and I’m not interested in them changing how it would naturally evolve without them.

When factoring for poverty and compared to whites in the same situation they still commit much more crime. What race relations do you mean in particular that justifies them committing crime? Would it be the race relations between them and Latinos where they’re constantly at odds fighting one another?

Something that does explain them being more predisposed to commit crime would be their on average lower iq and higher testosterone. People with those two factors have been shown to be more aggressive and lack impulse control among other things. Now if you put people who on average have lower iqs in a society that benefits those with higher iqs they’re going to fall behind naturally. So it’s not on us to change our society for them but for them to assimilate and perform better on their own without affirmative action.

You didn’t answer my question about diversity so I’ll repeat it to you. What’s one benefit of diversity that we wouldn’t have without them? Another question would be what benefits of diversity out way the obvious and massive cons?

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