Culture War Roundup for the Week of January 28, 2019

Someone on my Facebook feed recently made a very well-received post encouraging more skepticism of memes and such viral content, and for the left to stop eating itself. This poster has generally been pretty far Left, at least in American terms, having previously made "with us or against us" type posts pre-Trump, went all in on #metoo, anti-Trump posts frequent, etc. Currently, the comment with the most likes (an unusually high amount for comments on this person's posts) is warning people about Confirmation Bias, especially if one immediately agrees with something. And yeah, the Covington Catholic incident was cited in the main post.

How was "we might have goofed, be less vulnerable to Social Media ferver" turn into "stop the purity contests and work together to solve problems"? By blaming it all on Far Right propaganda and deception. It feels like the brilliant sort of thing a Bishop might pull, to discourage witch-hunts by kicking the blame to Satan instead of witches. It also feels kinda like it could go horribly wrong, because if stopping the Left-wing Purity Deathspiral requires a nigh-Satanic "right as the enemy to unite against at all costs, then that could exacerbate the Left/Right divide even further.

The in-fighting really needs to end, but is that better or worse for our odds of making it through this century without a second American Civil War?

I'd kinda prefer this take a more Right-as-Satan direction, instead of the Right-as-Hitler direction. You can stop Hitler by taking Germany by force. Outside of Salvation War, one does not simply walk into Hell and overthrow Satan with conventional warfare. If a culture must have an enemy to remain united, then all the better for the world if that enemy can never be physically fought. And The Right can be physically fought. At best, I see this tightening the qualifications to be seen as Rightist, allowing the Center-Left to rejoin The Left on the grounds that everyone's been tricked at one time or another. At worst, it accelerates the Purity Deathspirals.

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