Gable Tostee to sue feminist group, claims to be victim of hate campaign

No. Fuck that. This turd is rampantly misogynistic. Here's just one example. Regardless of Wright's death and the circumstances around it, the guy's a massive fucking sleaze who harasses and abuses women online (e.g. bragging about conquests and calling women "sloots" and "fembots") - and this was long before Wright died. The Age version of the article omits many these details.

Also, regardless of whether he was acquitted for murdering Wright or not, he didn't even call an ambulance, and he ordered a pizza after she fell to her death, before eventually turning himself into the police hours later. He was also violent and locked her on a balcony, refused to let her inside despite her screaming and begging, and threatened more than once to throw her off the balcony (all based on the audio he recorded).

He is a total unequivocal piece of shit.

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