[Gaming] Lead Riot Developer Aaron Rutledge (RiotSanjuro) wishes death on a former player

Honestly? That piece of shit earned it. I know you lot probably don't like destiny much but on his channel you'll find what's easily the greatest stream I've watched live - him trying to talk sense to XJ9 for fuck knows how many hours. From memory, some choice events and random knowledge on the guy for ya: * Pre-stream, XJ9 puts up nudes of his girlfriend on his social media for all to see, only taking them down after roughly 3 hours of conversation. * This being the same girl whose friends he paid off to get them to stop talking to her. * And also used up her league account balance for some trolly shit. * Also, not the first girl he's done this to. * Pretended to be a woman online and got into a weird fucking relationship with a dude to try and get him to "correct" his behavior. * Truly and honestly believes he is justified ( Steven tried to pull any kind of remorse out of him for too many hours ) . * The reason for his outlash was the fact that she played Lee Sin in a game and that's somehow significant ( not even shitting you, this guy is that much of a meme ) . * XJ9 flips when he finds out Steven talked to her. * XJ9 threatens to kill Destiny. * XJ9 flips and sends Steven creepy ass pony pictures.

This guy is a top tier piece of shit with some kind of a major disability combined with narcissism that prevents him from seeing anything wrong in his actions. If I've ever seen anybody that I think can shoot up a school or commit homicide it's this person. This is all on youtube. Go watch it if you think I'm making even a small portion of this up

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