A Garda Síochána question

I've just completed the recruitment process.

It's starts off with the application form you fill out online. After that you are sent 2 test, logical reasoning and reading comprehension as well as a series of question asking what you would most likely do in certain situations you might encounter as a Garda. If you get a high enough score on these you are sorted in order of score and then asked to re do the 2 test in person as well as write a report detailing what you've seen in a short video. If your scores on the 2 test falls within the margin of error of your initial test and you got enough marks on the report writing exercise you will be asked to do an interview. The interview is a panel of 3 people. In my case two public servants and a Garda Superintendent(I think, I don't remember this was 6 months ago) You are asked question by each of the interviewees along the lines of describe a time where you showed authority in your life. If you are successful in the interview you are then passed on to the Garda. You will be asked to fill out another form part of which is similar to the original form and the other part you need to detail your immediate family and supply 3 references as part of the vetting process. Once that's done you'll be asked to attend a Physical assessment at the Garda college in Templemore. If you pass your physical assessment you are sent for a medical examination in the Garda HQ in the Phoenix Park. If you are declared fit you'll then have to wait for a date to attend Templemore where you'll spend the next 36 weeks as a recruit. After that there's a 2 year probation period.

You don't need a degree to become a recruit although a lot of people I've met did have one or where I their final year of college. Most people would have been around the mid 20s to late 20s.

If you want me to give any more details, ask and I'll see if I can elaborate.

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