Gaza fires rocket at Israel

The wrong was also done when over 800,000 Jews were expelled from their ancient homes all over the middle east less than 10 years after Israel was founded. They were indigenous people and had lived in their homes since the time of Babylon.

Reducing the wars in Israel to PTSD from the Holocaust is not acceptable, nor is it true. It's actually pretty offensive. It also only forces Jewish people to say, hey, they'll never get it, better invest in our military than try to talk to these dumbasses. At least it will be quiet.

Look at the party platform of the Arab parties and tell me that they're pro-Israel.

Israel isn't better than Arab countries? Not better than Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, the UAE, or Kuwait? How about Saudi Arabia? Try being a woman there. Maybe you're such a zealot that you would prefer the Arab treatment of their in Syria, where Bashar Al-Assad has slaughtered 200+ thousand of his own people. Or maybe you would prefer the palestinians live well like they do in Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, or Syria ( their conditions). How well do those countries deal with demographic differences? (Kurds, Isis, Al-Qaeda, Houthis, etc.) They invoke sectarianism and yes, anti-semitism, when trying to rally the troops. It's how they work.

And if you want to talk about racism, you might want to consider Mahmoud Abbas' book that denied that the Holocaust happened. Or you might want to look at the recent comments of Ahmedinjiad in Iran. Maybe you would like to watch Arab television and see their interpretation of things in the region. How about the daily Al-Jazeera articles selling blatant lies about Jews (not just Israel). How about the Arab world blaming Israel for Isis?

Maybe, just maybe, the Jewish reaction to this is justified. Maybe putting up a wall is preferable to these people than having bombs in buses everyday. Nobody can live like that. It's just logical.

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