General discussion, accomplishments, and goal setting thread! March 22, 2018

Tomorrow is 3 weeks. The past week has been absurdly shitty for a lot of reasons. It's just.. been a lot. Still strong though, no doubts that I'll be able to make the month. Definitely looking forward to my birthday.

I've been doing this so far with very little weed on hand, essentially a very small emergency amount in case my body completely goes to hell, and also because I felt that choosing to go this month without would be a little less meaningful (personally) if I didn't actually have the option to cave and backslide. If I were actually totally out, it wouldn't just be a matter of willpower, it would be that of convenience and necessity. That said I plan this week on going and buying some so I'm stocked for my future moderate use, which will mean for my last week or so (depending on when I end up buying) will be even more willpower dependent, but again, I have no doubts about my ability to withhold. Whatever.


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