The generosity of the 2nd richest person in the world

The issue here is people that are financially illiterate not understanding that net worth is not the same as liquid capital.

Bezos may be worth billions, but the vast majority of that is tied up mainly in stock, with some real estate. You may ask, “Why doesn’t he just sell stock and liquidate enough cash to donate more?”. It’s not that simple. Top executives cannot liquidate assets whenever they damn well please, like you or I can. They have signed agreements stating when they will sell or buy an asset, usually months and months in advance. This is to combat insider trading.

$690,000 is an obscene amount of cash to just give away, even for the elite. I’m not saying they couldn’t be giving more, in fact I agree that they definitely should be, I’m just saying that these “Gotcha, fucking pwned” rich people posts are really inaccurate.

Bring me my downvotes.

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