Why do girls say they don't like gym pictures on Tinder, when that seems not to be the case in the majority of girls?

Am girl. Have never said this. Have scrolled past advice articles about such things. Really think it’s general advice because of the tendency of gym pics to be low quality, of some dudes flexing a little desperately (cough cough shirtless mirror selfies), and the tendency of gym rats to post mostly gym pics. It’s not a nuanced take.

Context is everything. If the gym is a big part of your life and identity, post gym pics. A friend of mine is a professional trainer and competitive lifter, his profile should reflect that. He’s not trying to score date-ability points because he works out, he’s just being honest about who he is and how he spends his time. The ladies who prioritize fitness in their lives are more likely to choose him for a long term match, and the ladies who just like muscles will hit him up for short term adventures.

Not going to lie, abs are lovely, but I’ve never chosen a guy for them. But I think if you want to highlight your physical attributes, a more natural scenario that makes you look fun is a better bet. Go laugh while you throw your dog (or friend) a frisbee on a beach, and get some shots that highlight your fitness without making it the subject of the shot. That way you get ab credit with the girls who care, and you look like a confident, fun person with social skills to girls who look at personality. Win win.

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