What are some of your most cringiest and awkward moments from high school?

Oh God. I almost don't want to share this because of how mortifying it was. Back in high school, I was the definition of awkward and cringy, and said/did weird stuff. There is this one memory that sticks to me to this day, and whenever I look back to those days, I just hate myself. You know those cringe-worthy posts that are pasted all over Reddit that depict a desperate person messaging their crush constantly? Yeah... I was one of those people.

Anyway, this is what happened: I developed a massive crush on a guy who happened to be in one of my classes. Thing is, he was very shy and quiet, but I kind of had a feeling he liked me. This was basically confirmed when his friend, whom I was acquainted with, had conversations with me. He would bring up my crush at any given time, and would encourage me to speak to him more because my crush was incredibly timid. It was pretty obvious that my crush's friend was trying to hook us up or something.

Anyway, for some damn reason, I figured, Hey, maybe I should message him on Facebook! Like, every day! He's bound to notice me! So I did. I messaged him a few times a week, bringing up homework topics and all this other school stuff. I was just trying to find excuses to speak to him. At that time, I figured that he didn't message me much only because he was shy. (Now I know he was just avoiding me.) But, anyway, I'd bother him day by day about nonsense and stupid crap and was completely oblivious to my weird ways.

Near the end of the school year, my best friend--who was friends with my crush's friend too--was talking with my crush's buddy, and he mentioned that my crush had a crush on me. As you could imagine, I was ecstatic. However, my crush apparently freaked out when he found out about his friend spilling the beans to my best friend, and he immediately messaged my friend to tell her that it wasn't true, he didn't have a crush on me and didn't know me very well at all.

The news stung, of course (I had learned about his "crush" and then his "non-crush" in a duration of only four or five days), but what made me more embarrassed was the fact that I was pretty sure I came on too strong for his liking. I ended up apologizing to him a few days after our graduation, and he said we were fine, but it was still mortifying.

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