God loves you.

Whether or not you believe in the guy, God loves you. God fights for you and has many unseen things go your way.

So God loves and fights for those who die of cancer, are murdered, raped, etc. God loves you and apparently this all powerful all knowing being has many things go your way - like the drunk driver who not long ago hit and killed a grandfather and three children, right? I guess god had his vehicle going their way. Or is this a believer only thing?

He also frustrates your plans and has things not go your way when those things would be detremental to your walk.

So I guess for the family mentioned above, god frustrated their plans with a drunk driver hitting and killing them.

You are a child of God through the blood of Jesus.

I thought my mom gave birth to me through my father, but now you're alleging my mother slept around?

You are a noble creature. Regardless of your past sins, you have a future fit for a god through Jesus. You will live forever, and God will be with us. Some think a holodeck would be cool to have, but God can do anything.

Holodeck? How about god preventing the holocaust? Or saving the family in article linked above. God could have prevented murders, deaths, rapes, wars. If God is all powerful, he could allow happiness and relief to be felt without pain and suffering. But of course, the god OP speaks of is imaginary.

Heaven will be a lot of anything happening here and there and lots of joy, happiness and pleasure. All our fallen loved ones can be seen again, and I like to think we'll see our pets again. Will our pets be able to talk? I like to think so too. Beings that never had the cognitive capabilities to form speech will now be assigned a brain comparable to a humans because OP "thinks so".

I just want you to know, God loves you, and the future is bright despite any circumstances we have going on. I know God exists for a fact, and he loves you.

OP states God "exists for a fact" then provides no facts or evidence. Rolls eyes.

God wants to be our personal friend. He isn't just lofty and high above. He came down and felt our pain because it'd pain him even more to lose us. So if you want to grow as a spiritual being, read your bible, pray selflessly, and love everyone you meet. Love people even before you meet them. In this way, you honor God because he loves them too.

He feels our pain and suffering and understands, but doesn't understand enough to continue to allow rape/murder/molestation/pedolphiles/assaults etc?

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