Bernie Sanders and the Realists - "Once this movement materializes, all sorts of things that now seem out of the question—such as true universal health care, free college tuition, and a much more progressive tax system—will become possible."

I'm not a Democrat nor an American but let me answer.

Drug prices are not a serious issue

When people can't pay for the drugs to stay alive without spending money of their retirement, their kids college saving, or taking out a loan, they are a problem.

they are controlled by the market and that's the way it's always worked in the US.

They aren't. For years there are patents on drugs which essentially makes the market to treat an illness a monopoly. That means the producer can dictate prices.

Within weeks of Shkreli's idiocy with Daraprim, competitors were springing up.

Because the patent ran out. If Shkreli had eliminated his competition before that he could have had a golden cow for years.

Campaign finance disclosure is not a serious issue; it's a transparently political attempt by Democrats to open donors on the other side up for online harassment.

If money is speech, then you should know who is speaking. Because you should know why they are saying the things they are saying. The same would apply if Solar companies donated money to Democrats.

What about this horrible deal with Iran?

It's not horrible, it's a good deal that keeps Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Literally only American conservatives, hardcore right-wingers in Israel and the batshit-crazy fraction of Iranian fundies are complaining about it.

Are Democrats going to address that anytime soon?

By "address" do you mean "agree with me"?

Why can't they bring serious ideas to the table?

Here's an idea, turn off Fox News and whatever BS propaganda you're watching and inform yourself. Stop looking at the headlines and do some research. Look at the Revenue/Profit ratios of American vs. European pharma and biotech companies. Compare prices for medication in the rest of the English speaking world with American prices - or if you know another language do some googling for specific medication in that.

For the love of your country, think for yourself.

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