Gonna be 23 in march moved to arlington texas and my life is looking bleak and hopeless. Not sure what to do anymore.

You are being abused. You need to get out of there. His mother is his responsibility, not yours. You shouldn't be missing interviews because of his mother. Unless it is an unforeseen emergency, his mother should not be interfering with your ability to find a job, or with your life in general.

You are in a "no win" situation. Your boyfriend and his mother have essentially set you up to fail. Caring for his mother interferes with your ability to secure employment. And because you are unemployed, your boyfriend acts like you are messing up. As a result, you are depressed, and feeling hopeless. Tell him that from now on, you are going to concentrate on finding a job, and he has to personally take care of his mother's needs.

Please contact a local shelter, and start taking the necessary steps to get out of your current situation. There are government programs in place that will help you get your own apartment, and will pay for at least 3 months rents. There are organizations that will furnish your new apartment, for free. You can get free counseling, and food assistance. There are a lot of resources in the Arlington and Fort Worth area. So please reach out.

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