"A great spirit appeared to Odyn from this circle, billowing up from ethereal mists, shapeless, to surround the keeper in shadow. 'What will you give,' the spirit asked, 'to peer beyond the veil of this world?'" - Could the being that granted Odyn vision into the Shadowlands be N'Zoth or Yogg-Saron?

With respect, nothing you just said contributed anything new. You posted some commonly known facts about the Old Gods and Shadowlands and presented it as if though it somehow made you the expert on this.

We all know what Chronicle says and we all know what's been hinted at in BfA thus far.

The point about the OP is speculation, i.e looking into previously known facts and trying to connect a few dots. Of course it won't be the kind of thing you'd find in a previously published book or article (such as the extent of the Old Gods' influence or lack thereof on the Shadowlands). Blizzard is being secretive because there is an unexpected story unfolding, and a common element of those are the twists and the retcons that open up new possibilities. For example, we hardly knew the full connection of the Old Gods to the Emerald Dream just a few years back, but now we do. We still have no clue really what Elune is or what her true motives are. But we're probably about to find out within a couple of years from now.

The lore is still being written and it makes no sense to automatically write off any Old God influence over the Shadowlands, or vice versa.

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