Green pk man bad

I really gotta love how people comment "What a stupid [email protected]" and downvote, but then are completely unable to point out how my comment is wrong.

This is a discussion on the BIS melee helm.

OP argued Slayer Helm was BIS on most bosses.

That's not an accurate statement, because it needs a qualifier.

Slayer helm is only BIS on most bosses if and only if you are on a Slayer Task.

It may seem like semantics, but it's not, because this is talk about the BIS melee helm.

You can't claim a Slayer Helm is the BIS melee helm when, by itself, it's not BIS.

It requires outside factors, which means you have to say 'it's the BIS melee helm IF you are on a Slayer task training Slayer.'

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