Growing up poor, I find dating women in college who had a much better upbringing than me hard, any advice?

Have patience with them and I think you will find that while money can certainly solve some problems and paper over challenges, it is just as often used to gloss over difficulties and hide them from the world.

I recently moved from a state most people have trouble finding on the map that frequently ranks in the top 5 meth producing states on the country. I moved to Manhattan and I found a huge culture shock like you. People more rich than I could imagine and I thought I could imagine quite a lot. 37th floor apartments, diamond earrings, 7 month trips to Italy... these people were incredibly wealthy, way beyond upper middle class.

It took me maybe 4 months of intense getting to know some of these people for the problems to come out and they were horrifying. One example: A girl who developed food allergies to gluten, certain sugars, every kind of nut, dairy and a few other things. She has kidney stones because of another disease, too. Her father the doctor prescribes her mood altering drugs since she was 12 because of a diagnosis she got over a decade ago, but shes never been allowed to have it reevaluated. Her sister is a horrible drunk and recovering drug addict, constantly berates only her sister when she gets drunk. Her mother has tried to kill herself because of the numerous infidelities her father has had.

I had a lot of desperately poo friends growing up and I knew it every time I saw them. I knew what problems they were going through, every time. They didn't have resources to hide their problems. If their parents were getting evicted, or if they were forced to drop out of high school, or their parents had stolen shit from them again for drug money, I knew it.

There might be a lot of strengths these women have that you can't even imagine. You will never see those strengths if you cant take some of them seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these women felt it really difficult to empathize with you because of your economic status growing up. That's really shitty of them, but its also really shitty of you.

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