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Well, a lot of people enjoyed it, but, afterwards, saw that the top commenter did not enjoy it, so they also now did not enjoy it. It's Romano's law. It's not about the quality or entertainment value of the content. It's about minimizing the risk that you will be touted as a heteroflexible philistine by an army of high school juniors and seniors if your opinion is dissenting.

Romano's law refers, I'm spirit, to the long-running situational comedy, starring television personality and standup comedian, Ray Romano. The show, formerly know for its low-brow, accessible humor, was by all accounts average television fare. It broke no new ground, though maintained a consistent appeal to family audiences thanks to its clean comedy and light subject matter, until an anonymous internet user declared it to be "easily the worst show on television." I have, however, seen the Mantis, and know this to not be true.

In a frenzy of fear and disillusionment, millions of Internet users agreed, unanimously, that there was no one worse than stinking Ray Romano. Not Stalin, not Idi Amin, not even popular contender at the time, kraut writer and director Ewe Boll who stole the dreams of children and raped them on a giant silver screen. Much like the Red Scare of Salem Witch Trials, this unquestionable unanimity was purely a response to fear of persecution, with little or no true emotional investment. Most targets of Romano's law can be regarded as no less than average in quality. Romano's law generally follows this formula:

Is it popular + Does that bother me * yes

You can trace Romano's law over the past decade and a half to see its influence on dozens of other cultural mainstays. See: Family Guy; Nicolas Cage's acting; Rampart; Walking Dead; the Call of Duty franchise; David Foster Wallace; Avatar; Ice Bucket Challenge; Pitbull; Keanu Reaves (Early retirement due to friendliness modifier), as entry level examples.

But honestly, Romano's law is a piece of crap. I don't know why anyone would like it. You'd have to be kind of tarded to follow that pretentious, tryhard garbage.

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