Guy cuts headphone cords then explains that he is making a comedy video over and over

Common sense, the majority of videos like this are staged. As in 99%, this is an edited video from a guy with over 2 million youtube subscribers who regularly posts similar videos.

The original wave of prank videos might have been based in reality but it didn't take people long to realise you make a lot more money and don't face any legal action if you hire actors for them and do more outlandish pranks. There's a video on this guy's channel from a month ago called "knocking out a dwarf prank". #

There absolutely are people out there stupid enough to post real pranks online where they break the law. But they are few and far between, and none of them do it consistently because they inevitably end up in jail or having a talking to from the police/realise they were being dumber than a bag of bicks. EG the morons tampering with icecream not too long ago.

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