Guy’s who did something stupid for a girl, what did you do?

Used to bike 9miles downhill then back up at like 4am every morning through the ice and snow in highschool when I first moved to Montana.

Drove from Boulder CO to the Canadian border in one night then back regularly for about a month while in college (bout 13hrs each way)

Rented a nice house back in her state after being gone for a couple years and looked at homes to buy with her father who was a real estate agent to impress her right after college

Bought tickets for a skydiving expedition to impress her while visiting and living in another state without clearing it with my work first, got right back and wanted to leave again - of course couldn’t get the time off. No refunds but luckily the trip got cancelled due to weather and I got all my money back.

Not really what I did but my response which was stupid that resulted from chasing girls was to dive into Xanax and heroin addictions for short periods on two occasions

And god there’s too many to get into revolving around just spending money.

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