Guys! I think I have a good idea!

As someone who's stood on both sides of the 'gender equality' thing, I don't think looking at the issues men face through a 'feminism lens' is the way to go about it. I'll give you some credit for coming to the realization that men do face issues and injustices in today's society and that something needs to be done about it.

Feminism, from it's beginnings, is a movement for women to achieve an equal standing to men, and although it's been through many permutations and evolutions, it will always hold that core value.

Feminist Theory is rooted in the idea that women are unequal to men and that men have an established system of power over them (patriarchy). This alone makes it an unsuitable ideology to work toward helping men and boys in their struggles as it will always either assume that these problems are 'privileges' or that these problems are essentially 'their own damn fault'. Any other explanation would begin to derail the entire ideology that Feminist Theory is based upon.

I think the MRM is what men in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, etc need right now. They need to be talking about these things without having their meetings interrupted by fire alarms, borderline violent and abusive protest, or 'policing' by more radical feminists. Generally I've found the MRM to be a level-headed and peaceful movement.

On Red Pill Thinking: While I can agree that the brand of 'TRP' we have here on Reddit is extreme, I think there's merit to the reference that 'The Red Pill' makes. The fact that you've begun to realize that men have issues that really need to be talked about means that you yourself have swallowed a 'Red Pill'.

The next step is to, with a level and open mind, explore what these issues are and understand them. Once there, you can stand as a true 'Humanist': a person that can see there are problems that all humans face and you can begin to work toward fixing them from a place that doesn't bias one side over the other :)

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