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Here it is from my point of view. Me: Let's stop trying to simplify things, because it is already extremely simple as it is. A beginner will make significantly better results if they learn a little more about what is important, and it is not hard at all for them to learn this stuff. There is no need to try to simplify the process more than it already has been. You: Not every aspect has to be perfect and optimized. Sure, fitness can be super complicated, but for the average person going to the gym and keeping it simple works, not state of the art equipment and getting every detail 100% correct like you are obviously saying is what he should do. Me: I never said he had to be as optimal as possible, so please stop putting words in my mouth. I agree that it is simple, but we should try to educate him on what he actually should do, which is follow a simple pre-made routine with everything laid out for him to follow. It is not complicated, and all the info he needs in in the sidebar, too. Am I really that unrealistic? You: You are not being unreasonable, you are just a pedantic douchebag who can't see that we, as humans, simplify things. Here are some extreme hypothetical examples I made up of you being an asshole like you are now. You are a shitty version of Dwight Shrute and your name sucks. I don't see the point here, you obviously have some sort of pretext of me being some sort of asshole who wants to overcomplicate things to extreme degrees when in reality I just suggested that it would be easier for beginners to follow a simple routine that is already made for them. I am trying to prevent newbies from making the same mistake I made. The sidebar has everything any beginner needs to know, and it is a lot easier to direct them to it than to tell them something that really doesn't give them any new knowledge to the subject at all.

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