[HAPPY UPDATE]My dad [55M] scares me[15F] and I don’t know what to do.

I read the last post you made, and that but about cops just accepting you're parents "rough teenage phase" excuse PISSED ME OFF. I had the same shit done to me. My dad has a history of beating me when I was younger and has attempted to choke my mom to death. When he choked my mom, our neighbor called the police and he was arrested. My mom being the battered wife that she is just dropped the charges and they got back together. Also in a fight with my dad later I was coming home form work, and me and my dad got into a fight. Dad starts threatening me with physical violence. I had a boxcutter from work that day and said if he even thinks of harming me I will defend myself withs aid tiny ass boxcutter. Later this past October, me and my dad got into a fight; he started ignoring me so I turned off his Xbox, and he ran up to me with his fist up and almost hit me. I went to the phone but my dad grabbed it already. I decided that I would just go to the neighbors next door. Dad blocked the door. I decided to run to the backyard door. This time he runs and grabs me and starts strangling me so hard I couldn't breathe and my arms were forming bruises, I reach for the door and he slams it on my arm leaving another bruise. Of course like most abused people, I just forgive him and we let it slide. A few days later, we have another fight and my parents kick me out with even socks on my feet. I get some help form people and decide to call the police and tell them what my dad did to me a few days earlier. The police come, and take me to see my parents so they can hear there side. Mom says nothing (actually takes my dad's side) and dad says he was just trying to restrain me and I was just being an antsy teenager. They went with their story. These were the exact same cops that dealt with my dad after he choked my mom. I even mentioned this to them. Then my dad lied to them about what happened with the box cutter. He said that I just pulled I knife of them. Of course that shit got me in a fucking mental hospital. Fuck cops who just take whatever story abusive parents tell them. Especially when they have previously dealt with said parent physically abusing his wife.

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