why is it so hard for me to find friends?

You have to put yourself in a “box”. Heard a while ago that people only gravitate to you if you are in a “box” meaning, you have selected a choice hobby or personality. The mind cannot handle multi faceted personalities, it’s much easier for the brain to move strangers into preselected boxes.

Good example being if a young man ahead of a older lady doesn’t hold the door open for her and she struggles to open it herself. Your mind would move that guy closer to the “asshole box”. But you don’t know if he recently had wrist surgery or any other host of medical conditions.

So naturally the more you carve out and define your box only then will peoples opinion and attitude also shift. It takes a lot of hard work for people to move you out of a box sometimes and it’s much easier to start with a new group of friends. But in the same reference, you also unconsciously put many of your current friends into a “box” and you will always revert to feeling the same way you felt around them no matter how much self improvement you make. Until you also learn how to take people and put them in another box in your mind.

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