What’s your job title? What was your major (if you went to college)

I had to look that term up, but I guess it depends on your area of interest? It'll certainly be minutae to some people. This is in an IT operations space and I am not an entry level employee, for context.

As a high level example, one thing I'm working on is the features and design for a new way to handle our customer data/forecasting for a particular area of our business. A director in a neighboring team basically said "why don't we have this type of data", my boss said "this is why based on current limitations, but here's what we might be able to do [as a general concept] with the right investment" and then I help figure out how to achieve that goal within the confines of what we have. It's somewhere between a business analyst and project manager. I'm still working with other people - developers, UX design, etc - so it's not a solo effort, but that's the general idea.

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