Harvard Law professor accused of sexual assault of a minor. Can account for every single accuse instance and proves he wasn't even in the vicinity of the accuser. Counter sues her and sues for disbarment of both lawyers who filed the case against him.

Dershowitz said he had an alibi in a puff piece from a neo con billionaire's slanted newspaper. Who knows if he actually has an alibi.

The case the lawyers - one of whom is actually a former federal judge, not some better call saul type - is saying that the original plea deal violated victim's rights laws.

They can't file anything in court that isn't public. That is what courts are. They cannot make a claim in secret. So, yeah, Dershowitz' rep might be taking a hit. He also might be guilty of sex crimes.

This victim's contention that Dershowitz - a close friend and also legal counsel to the sex offender given a sweetheart, unheard of plea deal that had provisions that other offenders could not be named as coconspirators later on, thus shielding them in violation of existing victim's rights laws - benefited from that sweetheart deal and was involved in the crimes had to be filed publicly. Dershowitz is firing back and saying he has an alibi - maybe he does and maybe he doesn't - all he has done so far is make threats.

You are purely speculating on this victim's motives. If Dershowitz did participate in the crimes, should she not file because his rep might take a hit or is she filing just in order to besmirch his name for money? It seems you have already decided what she is up to. You clearly believe that the victim is going for a cash grab.

I never said we shouldn't let the courts decide. That is in fact the exact opposite of what I have been saying. It's Dershowitz who is trying to try this in the press and scare the lawyers before it even gets to court. I said the guy is an asshole who is pretty much uniquely able to defend himself in court and is not someone to worry over about being under represented or to lose sleep over because he is a scumbag. If he is being unjustly accused (something no one knows yet), he will not only clear himself he will ruin those involved. I am not going to worry too much about Alan Dershowitz guilty or innocent.

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