Having a girlfriend

I read that completely wrong for some reason

How did you read it?

In my experience, not going all in from the beginning and I lose out. And the consequence, get involved too fast and you don't realize how little you actually care about that person beyond sex and a few other details

You're 100% right, if you want to hook up with a girl, it's better to go fast and show them you are passionate, but it doesn't work out so well as you said.

This is a new kind of dating for me, but my outlook on what is a relationship has changed dramatically. However, I have nothing to lose but my time. I'm trying to develop a deep friendship and fall in true love that wasn't built on a foundation of lust.

It also means that I am filtering out girls who are impatient, girls who think I should serve them the world on a silver platter, girls who desire to be praised. It isn't in my nature to do these things, so if the girl can take this kind of distance and stay interested in me, it means that she's compatible on my emotional level.

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