Here is why I lean towards accepting MGTOW's decision to not engage in relationships given the current unequitable

I believe I see the difference in our perspectives.

I am a statistics person. I play poker and used to be a blackjack counter. When I look at a casino game, I look at the rules of the game and the odds and decide if it is a winning game or if I will likely get my head handed to my by the casino.

You attempt to control the game (in essence the same thing that we do in card counting). You look for the most favorable conditions and put your chips on the table then. Smart play.

To me, though this isn't a game that you can control because it takes 2 actors - and the second actor is an unknown and unpredictable.

As far as the reason stated for divorce... I would recommend taking that with a grain of salt. It's HuffPo. They are basically a tabloid. Plus, the divorce attorneys have to say what makes their client look best in court. No one can go into court and say "I want a divorce because it isn't as fun as I thought it would be".

This is actually from a peer reviewed journal and would qualify as research in an academic institution. Here is a link. This is a meta-analysis of divorce research.

The relevant chart is copied here. The interesting part to me is that men report greater lack of communication than women. And no men would report any kind of abuse (gender expectations rear their head).

I do not in any way disagree that the cost of failure sucks for both parties. But it sucks a magnitude worse for men. Therefore they must be more careful.

The alimony thing is interesting. Now that it is becoming gender neutral (although is still heavily male dominated so it is not really gender neutral yet) there are unexpected repurcussions. In florida, some women found out that they were going to have to pay alimony to their ex husbands and threw a holy fit. That lead to this bill which was to end permanent alimony in florida. The part that stuck me is that the women were ok with permanent alimony - until they had to pay it. Then it was not ok.

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