Hikers and backpackers of reddit, what is the most creepy or scary thing that has ever happened to you while in the middle of nowhere?

My girlfriend broke her leg close to a cabin (winter, 5h by foot from any civilization), the mountain patrol told me to get going to a remote location if I want to be with her at the hospital and they will not wait for me. I moved rather slow by their standards.

So here I go, alone, close to darkness going down on the mountain with snow falling and only a trail to follow, snow falling from the trees covering the tracks. ~0°F, ~20 inch snow.

I get to the point in 45', no sign of them coming behind me.

I stay there for like 15' and I feel the cold getting to me. I change my clothes - I really pushed to get there and I was all wet despite the good equipment. Decide that the best way was to get going along the trail and not to wait them. No signal on the fucking phone so I just send them a message telling them I'm going to the village and they can get me with the car that was on the way to the meeting point.

I went like that for 2h when the car passed me on it's way to the meeting point. I get it, they are a rescue service, no stopping for non-emergencies. I keep going for at least an hour. My mind was buzzing with stupid ideas, but at the same time it seemed clear and focused. Decide to abandon stupid ideas and make contingency plans. I remember an abandoned cabin and aim for it.

There is a fork in the road... where do I go? Car marks in both directions. WTF? Should be only one road. Didn't pay much attention on the way up. Decide to keep left. After what seemed like an eternity I decide that it was the wrong way...

I get back to the fork and wait there, now the thing is - did the car go back the other way when I was going the wrong way? I sit there, thinking about me, about my girlfriend and if I really fucked up? There is no signal on the phone. I'm really fucked. I start going around to look for a signal. The phone decides that is time to go dark. Reset, restart. Fuck smartphones! :))

Finally it starts again. I get message from a friend asking me how is the vacation going. It was the best message I ever received. Trace my way back and find the spot with signal and call the rescue party... they have no signal. I fumble around with the phone and just then I realize that the is a light blinding me... and begin to swear thinking is my headlight acting again. Nope, the sweet sweet rescue car. :)

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