Hotel works of easily can you identify escorts, prostitutes, drug dealers, human traffickers, or porn stars that may be using your rooms for nefarious acts....Any crazy stories??

BB King stayed at the hotel I worked at. I was working manager on duty so you go in at 500pm Friday, stay the night Friday and Saturday in the hotel (in a suite so not bad) and leave 1200pm Sunday. At 9pm Friday I was called to the front desk to remove an African American gentlemen that was smoking "reefer" right outside the door. So I go outside, but there at least 5 African Americans smoking "reefer". I'm cool with weed and could care less. They were totally cool and I politely told them they had to go elsewhere not because of weed because I'm cool, but guests are complaining and my ass is on the line. They complied and went to the bar. Then I guess a secondary entourage of BB's was at the pool smokin' some treeeeeeees. This time the cops were called - at LEAST 20 cop cars were outside and guests were calling frantically wondering if everything was OK. Cops came in with zip ties ready to arrest BB and his band - they all ran upstairs and the cops hung around for a good 2 hours waiting to arrest anyone I guess that smelled like weed. And I just remember thinking of all the tax dollars sitting in our hotel to bust people smoking weed.

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