Houston cop threatens to kill driver over traffic violation

Hey man I have a story about peeing on the floor as a kid too. I don't necessarily feel justified about it and I'm certainly not proud of it but this is the topic we've landed so here we go.

TLDR: I pissed on a floor too.

I was 15 and moving out of a house for like the 12th time in my life. None of the times I moved was because my mom or dad were doing well for themselves.

The time I peed on the floor I pissed in the closet as like a final memento to the house. I can't tell you why I did it but I can put you in my frame of mind and maybe that'll make it make sense at least? Idk I still don't think it makes sense but I did it and here I am talking about it 15 years later for the first time.

At the time I had just moved in with my dad a year earlier. Prior to that I was living with my mom who had just lost a house because of a bitter divorce (this being like 8th time she's had to move to a new house in my 13 years of living) and we ended up staying with her friend. My mom has a lot of kids and her friend has a lot of kids. It was a fuck ton of kids and it was just generally an unpleasant experience everyday. I ended up opting to move in with my dad at this point as I was his only kid (this has caused me a tremendous amount of guilt and depression that I still deal with to this day).

So now I'm 14 living with my dad and stepmom and he's working 3 jobs to keep the bills paid. She didn't work. She was a failure of a musician and a wine guzzling succubus who frequently put her hands on my dad because she knew she could get away with it. I watched her straight up smack him in the face with a wine bottle and all he could do was verbally rage because she kept a phone in her hand ready to call the cops at her discretion. She actually did call the cops the one time and they took my dad away for the weekend despite her being a fucking psycho. So fast forward to wrap that year up she ended up taking all the money that was for bills and stocking it away for months. She took off while he was at work one day and within the week we lost all utilities except for water and electricity. It was November and we had a gas water tank and gas furnace. We turned the oven on and opened the door to warm up because it gets cold af in the winter here. I went to school showering once a week at my cousin's house for like 3 months because the cold water was just unbearable. I watched my dad nosedive into depression and drink heavily everyday. That Christmas we had no tree, we had no heat, and the only gift I got was a hoody that I still have to this day despite the zipper being broken and a torn hole in the back. I don't wear it anymore but I still have it. I found out years later that my aunt had actually bought it for me and gave it to my dad so I had a gift to open on Christmas. We lived there until March.

I pissed on the closet floor of that house when we left. Idk why. It was just something my adolescent brain conjured up to do.

I promise I'm a normal person nowadays. It just took struggling through a lot of adversity to get here.

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