How the abortion debate moved away from “safe, legal, and rare”

This misses the true point, though. The goal is not to prevent abortions or help children. The goal is to force as many women as possible to be dependent on men.

If conservatives wanted to prevent abortions, as you say, they would be in favor of accurate sex ed, contraception, job protections for pregnant women and parents, parental leave, and programs that support poor and middle class families, like WIC, CHIP, SNAP, the child tax credit, etc.. If they truly cared about saving children, they'd also be for high-quality public education and action on the environment, cars, drunk driving, and common sense gun laws like mandating safe storage, since these are the major killers of children. (They would also be pro-vaccination.) Instead they are against all of these things, and in fact, in Texas, the right to a public education is the next thing on the chopping block.

If viewed through the lens of wanting to save babies, conservatives' actions are absolutely insane. On a policy level, they could not be more counterproductive. If viewed through the lens of reversing the past century's advances in women's independence and making sure as many women in possible need a man in order to survive, though, everything they're doing is perfectly rational. If women can't learn about what causes pregnancy, can't prevent pregnancy, can't terminate, can be fired for being pregnant and can't get paid leave anyway, and cannot survive as single mothers, well, there goes women's lib.

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