Trump defied by rally-goers booing, turning backs on Mehmet Oz

I’ve been wanting to do something, anything to get through to people about religion. You’re not going to get through to the crazies, but there are good people out there who just need different messaging.

It’s okay to not believe in God.

Equating non-belief with belief in God will absolutely enrage the religious nuts running this country. Their standing in life comes from their place above others, not who’s above them.

But “It’s okay to not believe in God” shows how to respect religious freedom while also confronting the power structure that allows Christians to behave this way. Show others how terrible religious extremists are and they’ll listen to your opinion more.

It sounds weird but I’ve started using this and people are listening. Even a few religious people agreed and respected me when I explained everything. If we want to make any change in this country, we need to have conversations not only to get people involved to help stop religion from completely taking over, but also to show people you can find joy and comfort without God and you are not in any way morally inferior for doing so.

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