How accurate do you think the "80/20 rule" in dating is? (i.e. 80% of women pursuing the top 20% of men)

Yeah I have actually and no there aren't.

Obese women can easily get 500+ matches, even here in Sweden where obesity is a rarity. Yes there are.

Not anywhere even close to the inbox of a hot girl.

I've never stated otherwise.

The difference is literally 3-4 a week to the inbox of the obese girl to several hundred each week to the skinny girl with big tits and blue eyes.

Several hundred each week? They could get a 50+ per day if they weren't being picky. The obese girl? Not that much, but certainly 10+ per day.

Women are attracted to much more varied types of men than men are to women

This isn't an argument against anything I've said. Some women like the top 20% of skinny men, some women like the top 20% of fit men, meanwhile men will choose indiscriminately across types but still swipe freely well below the top 20% mark.

Men are more likely to overrate their own intelligence, women are more accurate


Men are more likely to overrate their own attractiveness, again, women are more accurate to what men actually rate them. In other words, women are more self-critical of their own attractiveness.


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