How can I avoid "escapism" eating?

Tea. Herbal or caffeinated.

I also enjoy long baths, face masks, stretching for an hour, tending to my plants, Zumba, trimming my split ends, putting on lotion, doing teeth whitening strips, practicing makeup and braiding my hair, etc.

When I feel in the mood for some special food I usually make an event out of it by dressing up in heels, putting on makeup, perfume, style my hair, put on jewelry, etc. and then grab some liquor, throw on something to watch and enjoy myself. Usually I end up dancing at some point. I often end the night with a warm pot of herbal tea to wind down. And a long bath after that if I’m really amped up still (but that’s rare and I’d never take two baths in a day).

I drink plain tea so its 0 calories and guilt free. I also avoid black/chai tea so that it doesn’t stain my teeth.

Who says you can’t get all dressed up to watch Friends again for the millionth time?

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