How can I change the way I'm responding in this situation so he doesn't shut down and think I'm trying to push his boundaries, when I'm just telling him how I feel?

First and for most as someone who has a family member with psychosis(younger brother), I really do admire and respect you for the way you handled the situation and not once did you call him “crazy” which is a word that is used too often nowadays for people who are different. I’m in a Facebook group where there are definitely a lot of women who are literally in the same situation as you, who have a partner that has schizophrenia/psychosis and I think they can offer you better help.

I personally think you should do what’s best for you. Not to sound cheesy but I know it’s hard and you love him but you gotta love yourself first before you can love anyone else, if that makes sense lol sounds like your burnt out. Sending you good vibes!! You dredge happiness!! Again, I can definitely send you that Facebook link to the private group if you are interested

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