How can so many games have absolutely glaring bugs on release?

Remembering the launch of Gothic 3 back then. It was unplayable. Like, your character vanished, or the game showed you lines of sight, forgot to load textures, enemies you needed to kill for a quest glitched into a mountain, you couldn't finish the main quest as the devs forgot to add the item you had to collect - unplayable.

In the end to some extent it was to blame on both dev and publisher. The devs went a bridge too far and created a too big world, too complex for them to handle, with their own workarounds for flaws in the engine. On the other hand the publisher insisted the game would be released in time for x-mas which sealed the fate. Of course the responsible guy there needed to stop it, but after a certain point he couldn't as marketing campaign was too far, and the publisher wasn't big so they needed the money. Even with the giant day 1 patch it was unplayable.

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