How does one that is not top 1% have fun in crucible??

Crucible is not balanced. Even the top 1% barely have fun in the Crucible lmao It scratches an itch because of the gun play and power fantasy. Stasis is powerful and it wins games, same goes for certain weapons. Stasis needs nerfs, but never are you ever going to see a mode that just bans a single part of the sandbox (Scorched is the closest you'll get, as it knocks out all weapons). The people fighting like it's a "tournament" are players that just play better than you. Like you had to get better at PvE, you have to work to get better at PvP. There are skills everyone has to pick up on, and it's fine if you don't have those skills - this is a game you can enjoy playing just PvE or just PvP - but short of making everyone's games sweaty with SBMM (and terrible connections) like it used to be, this is about the best it's going to be.

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