How large is the vocal minority?

I have turned 3 people on to reddit at work. Of the 3 of them, I'm fairly certain 2 have never and will never make an account, follow specific subs, and probably don't read the comments. They just skim pictures at work and don't give a shit. would be equally appealing to them, probably.

This 3rd guy tho. He created an account. He wanted to know if he could 'add' me. I told him no, but I know his username. I see him typing more and for longer periods than anything our job calls for and I know it's fucking reddit. He's writing epic monologues and shit. He's not a gamergator or a racist or a Berniebot, just someone who gets really, really salty and bitter in various TV, movie, music, and game subs. If I had to guess I'd say reddit isn't his first rodeo when it comes to picking fights on the internet.

Have I created a monster? I say no. But I did give one a platform.

I tell this story because, I think, damn near most people who make an account on this website will turn into some variation of that. I am a variation of that. You are a variation of that. /r/circlebroke and friends are too. Albeit maybe, y'know, a little more mentally stable and less stressful. Still a variant. The whole nature of this website and the kind of environment the community creates demands it.

I made my first account like 2 years ago when some other guy at some other job turned me on to it. Like my disciples, I knew of others at work who never made an account but regularly browsed the front page. But I made one. And I did start off making memes and trying to figure out the context behind various inside jokes. As time went on that kind of child-like, carefree innocence where I was just here to look at neat shit and kill time faded. Now I push agendas and recognize the different factions at play here.

In my opinion, regardless of your interests or hobbies or whatever, people who actually get involved in this website will become this to one extent or another. At least while they're on the site. What then determines whether or not you're a circlebroker or a fatpeoplehater? That, I think, comes from outside. Not here. Although here doesn't help.

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