How do I message a prisoners dad on facebook without being disrespectful?

That's what I was thinking at first, a close friendship to see where it goes. But that's not possible since technically I would have to be his gf, which is my intention anyway. I like that because that means other girls wouldn't write to him. I guess there is a bit of a jealousy thing. I would take being the only girl in his life and seeing him occasionally over living with him and him having other options. I feel bad for saying that.

I guess another reason this appeals to me is that he was put away from society in the late 00s. A time which I feel was the last good time to be alive. I don't really consume much media that was made after that time. So in that sense I would be more comfortable around him than other people.

He made a video that went viral years ago. Most people on the internet hate him and want him to be dead. I saw it at a very young age so I've known about him for a long time and haven't lost interest.

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