how do I get more secure when my girlfriend (33) is out with her friends and not texting me (31) much

Hey so i appreciate the advice but I need to confess, I did text her once more basically saying goodnight (I said "hope you're night been dope" that's it. obviously, can't call/text her today/tomorrow until i hear from her which sucks. in months past, i would've called her three times at midnight to see why she wasn't answering me, but not doing that tonight, so i don't think back to back texts 2.5 hours apart tonight is that needy considering what i had been doing.

the other issue is that i recently started working out again and tonight had a great workout for about an hour and 15 minutes, but it's still on my mind: what is she doing/why isn't she texting back, etc. like, i feel like no matter what hobby i pick up and dive head first into i'm still gonna think about her and why she's not texting me or replying, etc. i was happy before her i think, i'm happy when i'm with her, i''m just so insecure when i'm not with her if that makes sense? (in response to your part of the post re: happiness)

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